A few months ago, I was talking with my friend Kate about two of my biggest goals in photography; to travel more for work and to start photographing same sex marriages. Fast forward a couple months. I was taking photos of Kate and she casually remembered that her friends were getting married, but it's all the way in Pennsylvania. I was hooked. I wanted to shoot this wedding more than anything. Well Kate talked to the couple and decided she and her husband, Jesse, decided they were going to hire me for the wedding as their gift to Anna & Raquel.  

So on October 3rd, I got in my car at 7AM and drove 5 hours to Blackwell, PA for one of the cutest weddings I've ever attended. The brides were beautiful and unbelievably laid back, especially for it being 40 degrees and raining on their wedding day. I had one of the best times photographing their wedding. It was truly a wonderful way to start the next chapter of my business as a traveling wedding photographer.

Thank you so much to Anna & Raquel for being so incredible and to Kate & Jesse for being truly wonderful friends to me and so many others.