The week prior, I was looking at the weather for the upcoming Saturday to see what I’d be working with for Frank + Amanda’s engagement session. Forecast: Rain. Not the best circumstances, but overcast is my favorite light to shoot in and they had anticipated shooting their photos in the snow so a little rain wasn’t going to stop them. 

As the week went on, the forecast went from rain to cloudy with a chance of rain. Perfect!

Then it went from chance of rain to no rain and partly cloudy. Okay.

I get up on Saturday morning and forecast… Sunny. Not a cloud in sight.

Now for normal people, that sounds like great news. No more rain, sunny warm weather. What a stroke of luck! 

For me, it’s a little disappointing. I’m sure Frank + Amanda were happy they didn’t have to huddle under an umbrella all morning, but I had my heart set on the soft white light of overcast skies. But alas, I am up for the challenge.

The love birds showed up downtown, looking stylish as ever and we got to work. Not only were they patient with me while I was experimenting, I genuinely enjoyed spending time with them. They were creative, energetic, and encouraging.

Walking away from the shoot — we wandered a mile a way from where I parked so literally walking away —  I was invigorated by how well things went. Usually I walk away from shoots focused on what I could’ve done better. Not to say that I don’t still feel that because there is always room for growth, but I feel a sense of pride when I look at the work I did on Saturday.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do. I am very thankful for these two and i look forward to bringing the same level of creativity to their wedding day in October!

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